Programs & Activities

Scooter-Relief makes grants to scooterists who are affected by natural disaster, accidents or medical emergencies.

We raise funds through donations made online, at scooter rallies and other events.

If you are throwing a rally and would like to find out how you can support, Contact us. We can provide support in the form of promo wristbands, advertising on our website, stickers and other materials.

If you would like to make a donation, please contact us

To date we have helped well over a dozen scooterists around the country including many effected by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and Mississippi as well as those with medical emergencies and victims of accidents. Our ability to help scooterists in need is directly related to the donations we receive throughout the year to our General Fund, as well as the specific funds we establish when we hear of a specific scooterist in need.

We encourage our fellow scooterists to consider making a regular donation, perhaps $150 a year? It might sound like a lot, but it is less than the cost of one gallon of gas a week. Just click on the "ChipIn" widget on the right.